Schedules & Fares

Sedona Hotel Shuttle offers a variety of discounts including Student, Child and Infant discounts.

Sedona is a place for families to enjoy together. Families (or groups) of 3 or more will enjoy additional discounts. Discount breaks start at a family of 3, wtih additional discounts of 6 or more guests! Discounts are calculated based upon total # of guests on the reservations.

Infants 23 months or less always ride free with the Sedona Hotel Shuttle as long as you bring along your own car seat. To make sure we have adequate seating for all young guests, car seats and boosters for children up to 5 years old will be provided for an additional charge of $10 charge ($8 each way, round trip).
Fares are Per Person
Fare Basis  Age / # Guests
1-2 One Way
 1-2 RT
3-5 One Way
3-5 RT
6-9 One Way
 6-9 RT
 10 +
 Student  12 to 17 years old
$ 99
 Child  3 to 11 years old
$ 34 
$ 18
$ 32
 Infant  0 to 23 months
   No Charge   
  No Charge   
  No Charge   
  No Charge   
  No Charge   
  No Charge   
 Car Seat  0 to 5 years old
1. Arizona law requires children 5 years and younger be in a child saftey seat. Sedona Hotel Shuttle operates a variety of vehicles where
child restraint seats are required by law. If you require Sedona Hotel Shuttle to provide a child saftey seat, there is a small charge for the use
of the seat.  We welcome parents to provide their own child saftey seat with no additional charge. Please note, if you don't order a seat, there
is a high probability that we will not have an extra saftey seat on the vehicle, and in such a case, you may be denied boarding.
2. Children up to 11 years old must be accompanied by an Adult.
3. Children 12 to 17 may travel unaccompanied, however, they must have a notarized permission slip.  Please contact our office for more
information about unaccompanied minor children at 928-203-9300.
Schedules are determined by pick up zone. 
Departure and Arrival times may vary depending upon the location of Pick Up or Drop Off.  Please check the times on your confirmation -
we ask that you be ready 10 mins prior to first scheduled pick up time.
           Southbound Shuttle #         
 Depart Sedona *
         Arrive Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport         
4:00 AM MST
6:30 AM MST 
6:00 AM MST
8:30 AM MST
9:00 AM MST
11:30 AM MST 
11:00 AM MST
1:30 PM MST
1:00 PM MST 
3:30 PM MST 
3:00 PM MST
 5:30 PM MST
 Northbound Shuttle #
       Depart Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport *     
 Arrive Sedona
10:30 AM MST
1:00 PM MST
   12:30 PM MST  
3:00 PM MST
2:30 PM MST
5:00 PM MST
4:30 PM MST
7:00 PM MST
6:30 PM MST
9:00 PM MST
8:30 PM MST
11:00 PM MST
*  Note - pick up times in Sedona will vary based upon the hotel you are staying... Please check your confirmation - and pick up times are
noted on all on line bookings.
The Sedona Hotel Shuttle utilizes just the right size vehicle.  From a sedan for 1-3 guests to full size motor coaches holding up to 80 guests. 
We do not guarantee a type of vehicle, nor the capacity of that vehicle.  Your party will never be broken up and put on two different vehicles. It
is Sedona Hotel Shuttle's goal to provide you comfortable upscale transportation.  Sedona Hotel Shuttle is owned and operated by White Tie
Transportation, Limousine & Tours and all chauffeurs and vehicles will meet the exacting standards of our limousine company.  If you have
any questions, please fee free to call at 928-203-4500.
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